Sunday, June 28, 2009

Evan's New Helmet

These pictures are horrible, the light was coming in from behind Evan. But he wears his helmut for such a short period of time, I had to get in a few pictures while I could. Evan now wears a big boy helmut when he rides his big boy bike. Evan's isn't too sure about the new head-gear, but he's getting used to it. Here are a few pictures of our early morning bike ride the other day, hence the PJ's that Evan is still sporting.

Updates Galore

We haven't updated the blog too much lately, not for lack of blog-worthy updates, but for lack of new pictures of Evan. I haven't taken many pictures of him at all in the last couple of weeks. Just lacking inspiration I suppose. That and the fact that I prefer natural light pictures and it's a billion degrees outside these days (just take note of the sweat that is pouring off of Evan's little face). Again I put the pictures from today's photo shoot in reverse order, so he goes from sweaty to dry in these pictures. But I definitely have found my favorite place to take pictures of Evan in Jacksonville. Alpine Grove Park. The perfect combination of places to take pictures and places for Evan to play and explore.
For lack of a more creative way to display all the new things going on in our lives, see list below!!!
1. Evan is talking up a storm. New words and phrases include (but are most certainly not limited to): Uh oh, Please Mama, More, More please, Corky, Far Far (Farley), Me Ma (Grammy), Papa, Cup, Milk, Egg, Pool, Hot, Boo boo, Pee pee, Pooh (and not as in the bear), Dirty, Train, Choo choo... just to name a few.
2. Evan calls certain things Fabas. We don't know what it means, or where he got it from. But whenever he points to motorcycles or bugs, or his stuffed giraffe, he says Faba with such certainty.
3. Evan has been bottle-free for almost two weeks now!! I finally put my foot down and said no more bottles!! And he is doing great with it.
4. On the other hand he has decided eating is way over-rated and will only do it on his terms.
5. Today is Paul's birthday, and Wednesday is Grammy's birthday. We spent the weekend celebrating!!! We even saw our second movie in two years!!!
6. We booked a trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park for this August. I can't wait!! Sure I will be 29 weeks pregnant. But at least I get to escape this heat!!!
7. I decided I really like the following baby boy names (feel free to comment positively or negatively) and Paul doesn't really like any of them... but gives me no suggestions in return: Luke, Drew and Jacob.
8. I had a wonderful week in Jacksonville, working, spending time with Grammy, swimming in the pool/working on my belly tan (my Mom's backyard is the only place I can wear a bikini these days) and seeing my girls and their babes, Tammy and baby Emma; Kelly and Graham. Also I had a great girls night out with Melissa and Shannon!!!
9. Evan has like 6 new teeth, which perhaps expains his recent disposition.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Patriotic Attire

In preparation for the fourth of July, I took some pictures of Evan in red, white and blue. Corky didn't want to miss out in the festivities, so she donned a spirited bandanna!!! Even Charlie wanted to get involved with his little patriotic sweater!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Treasured Times

There is something that is just so special and heartwarming about watching Evan play with his Grandpa. I love the way Grandpa Starstrom treats Evan. He talks to him like an adult, in a good way. He doesn't talk like a baby like I find myself doing at times. I find myself saying things as Evan does, which I know is wrong (i.e. Baba for bottle). But not Ed. He just talks to him like a pal, and I can tell Evan loves it. This weekend Evan had a ball creating a parade with Grandpa with all of his cars and trucks. It was enough to go all the way around the coffee table. I am kicking myself for not getting any pictures of it. But here is a picture of Grandpa and Evan playing with his Winnie the Pooh house. They are both in their own little world here, didn't even know I was snapping away.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Poolin It

We spent the morning at Grandma and Grandpa's neighborhood pool today, trying to stay cool as temperatures climbed into the high 90's. Evan enjoys the pool, as long as you don't make him do anything he doesn't want to do (dunk under water, practice techniques he learned in swimming class)... and as long as you constantly let him do what he does want to do (play with his boats and cars, swing him around). Although this can really be applied to every facet of his life. He wants to do what he wants to do. Period. And if that isn't the case, he will let you know about it!!!

Evan's First Hair Cut

You may remember my post a few weeks ago, on whether or not we should get Evan's first hair cut. I was really torn. But as it got hotter and hotter, Evan's hair got crazier and crazier. Once he starts sweating, it stands straight up and out. He constantly plays with his hair when he is sucking his thumb, and that combined with all of the sweat.... made for an interesting hair style. So I bit the bullet. We got it cut in Port St. Lucie while visiting Grandma and Grandpa. I was worried he would cry, or fuss, or try to get out of the seat... but he was an angel. He sat on Daddy's lap and didn't make a peep. Two lollipops helped encourage this behavior. But I must say, the stylist said Evan was one of the best little boys she had ever had as a client. Although he looks older with this hair cut, I think the results are adorable. And who knows, maybe he will start acting older and stop the tantrums, drop the bottle, and eat for a change. I seriously doubt it, but a girl can dream.

I started getting a little concerned right about here, with visions of Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber in my head.

But I think we're OK, as long as we don't wet it and comb it forward, ever again.

Grandpa, enjoying the show. I had a camera, a video camera, and my camera phone... so I wouldn't miss a second of the big event. Suppose I looked a little funny, but I am used to that.

OK, one last time.... Before:

And After:

I think we made the right decision, what do you think?