Friday, January 29, 2010

Slim Pickins

This is THE only Valentines Day shirt that I could find in all of Super Target suitable for a boy. This would not be my first choice, and it's two sizes too big. But I suppose Evan can wear it again next year. "Cupid is my Homeboy" really grasps the love of the holiday, don't ya think? Don't worry, they sold them in Drew's size too. More pictures to come!!!

Taking Things a Little Too Literal

James, Matthew and Lawson (Evan's classmates): "yay, rings of fire!!!!"

Evan: "are you kidding me? you want me to jump through rings of fire? you're nuts!!!

Ah Ah Ee Ee: Evan the Monkey at Circus Day

Evan led the parade today at school for Circus Day. He dressed as a monkey, or what he calls "Ah ah Ee Ee". The kids were supposed to dress like animals in the circus, hence the Dragons and pumpkins?!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I spoke Too Soon...

OK, so my last post I nonchalantly mentioned that Evan was under the weather. Little did I know what was about to transpire in this Petri-dish I call a home. Evan's illness waxed and waned for another couple of days. I cuddled him on the couch as much as I could. I can never keep him still so I wanted to take advantage of this time. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea because I then became violently ill with whatever Evan had, times 10!!! As soon as I started to be able to catch my breath, Paul got it, times 10. He had what we had, plus a high grade fever that immobilized him to the couch for a good 48 hours. Then, my worst fear came true. Drew started vomiting and having loose stools. Luckily, the antibodies in my milk kicked in and his illness was fairly mild. We are all getting back to normal now, all a little skinnier and still a little timid with food. That combined with a teething toddler who is going stir crazy, made for a very long, difficult week. But I am trying to look on the bright side...hopefully we are now immune to this years stomach flu strain and we are in the clear for a while. One can only hope.

P.S. I forgot to mention one of the dogs now has diarrhea...thankyouverymuch. If I have to do another load of laundry that contains some stained article of linens or clothing containing poop or vomit... I may just officially lose my mind.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Feel Better Sweet Boy

We were all set to go to Animal Kingdom today, our first Disney trip ever!!! I know, I know, living in Orlando, why on earth haven't we taken Evan yet? Well, first he was too little, then I was pregnant (100 degree weather... pregnant...need I say more?), and then little Drew came along. This morning I went to get Evan up to go, I even had a babysitter lined up, and there was throw-up all over his crib. Poor guy. First his ear infection, now this? You wouldn't know it looking at these pictures, he looks like his normal jovial self. But he was sick all morning. He is already feeling better, and a new trip to Disney is in the works!!!

It Ain't Easy

It ain't easy being a baby. Drew is doing more then just eating, sleeping, pooping and being cute these days. He is finding his fingers and his toes!!! Sometimes that means getting a fist (his own fist) in the eye, but that's the price you pay when you are a baby. The benefits are... you don't have to cook, clean, pay taxes, or do much of anything else at this point. Next task..... sleeping through the night??? A Mama can dream, right??

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

XRays Don't Lie.... Or Do They?

I think I may have posted before about Evan's teeth, or lack there of. He is missing his incisors on the top. Apparently it's a genetic thing as his Daddy, cousin Michael, Aunt Gina ( I think), and his Grandma Starstrom are also missing their incisors. The dentist said braces would definitely be in order when he is a teenager, and if he was very self conscious about it, he could wear a retainer with prosthetic teeth when he was a little older. Yikes!! Sounds expensive, and what a bummer for Evan. The last thing I want is something for him to be embarrassed about. Anyway, out of no where the other day, I see a tooth bud popping through, one of his incisors!!! So, despite all of the XRays they took that showed he had no baby or adult incisors, low and behold, incisors. Let's just hope the left one follows the right one, because there is only one thing worse then no incisors, and that's asymmetrical missing teeth. How many times in one post can I say incisors? Incisors, incisors, incisors.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


These last two weeks are really and truly, the first two weeks I have actually enjoyed myself over the last four months. Whether it was Drew's constant crying, my worrying about his health issues, or me stressing about being away from Drew or Evan during the whole NICU stay, there always seemed to be something. Drew's first 3 months of life were plagued with health issue after health issue. Once we got him out of the hospital, it was either reflux, constipation, milk allergies, colic, and the list goes on and on. Finally, after about 5 visits to the Pediatrician and one to the ER, we finally were referred to a GI specialist. Thank goodness for that. Turns out, he didn't really have any of the above (except some mild reflux). What he did have, is a little too much to talk about on the blog, but I will tell you, it seems as though she fixed him right up. He is, for the first time a happy baby! Of course, he has his fussy moments, and I don't want to jinx myself and say the tough times are over (because he still wakes up every 2-3 hours all night... so we aren't out of the woods yet). But I can honestly say I am really enjoying him now. Sounds terrible to say this is just beginning, because I have always loved my little bundle of joy. But caring for a baby who cries every waking hour is quite challenging. I am sure he feels the same way, he is finally enjoying his new life!!! He weighs about 11 lbs, loves to eat and watch his brother play, and prefers my arms to anyone else's. Now if he could just sleep through the night.....

Boo Boo in the Ears

Poor Evan has his first ear infection. He has never been on antibiotics, and is rarely sick. He had one GI bug when he was 18 months, and has had mild colds here and there. But that's really it. Today, he woke up and clearly wasn't acting himself. He was fairly lethargic and told me he had boo boos in his ears. The doctor confirmed an ear infection. Made me kind of feel better, because I have been feeling like quite the hypochondriac as of late. But of course I wouldn't wish pain on Evan for the world. I am sure he will bounce back soon. But until then I am enjoying a lazy day on the couch with him, reading lots of stories and watching WAY to much Go Diego Go.