Thursday, October 28, 2010

Journaling the Good Stuff

Ok, so I use my blog as a way of remembering all of the funny and cute things my kids do, as well as a way for me to display the thousands of pictures I take.  But lately I have been posting pictures, and forgetting to put all the cute things Evan says, so I also started a journal.  I don't want to forget anything he says, and my memory is SHOT! 

So this post was supposed to be about some of the hilarious things he has said lately, and since I just started my journal today... I can't remember most of them.  BUT, the other day, I did get my first Evan-compliment.  Paul is sweet when it comes to compliments, and he boosts me up every day with them.  I, like most other thirty something housewifes with two kids have a self esteem that plumets lower by the day.  My skin's blotchy, my hair is too thin, my stomach is... well, just gross.  But Paul makes me feel so good with his compliments, which usually include the word "hot" (told you he was sweet, he lies alot, but he's sweet!). The other day, Paul and I were dressed up on our way out the door to dinner, when Evan looked at me and said, "Mom, you are looking hot, like my dippies!".  Dippies, by the way, are chicken nuggets dipped in ketchup.  It was really sweet.  I always heard little boys think their Mama's are super pretty until they are like age 8, so I wondered if he would tell me I am pretty one day.  And there you have it.  I am HOT like dippies!!!  Sweet!!!

On a side note, kind of like "you know you are a redneck if"...., "you know it's time for your kid to be potty trained if"... he says "Mom, can you wipe my butt like Daddy does? Cross my legs and hold both ankles with one had and then wipe".  Evan has been pee pee potty trained for months but still refuses to poop any where but his pull-up during nap.  So when I was changing him the other day, apparently I wasn't holding his legs up the way Daddy does.  If you can articulate that, you need to poop in the potty.  Nuff said.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jack and Kaila's Halloween Party

Drew's Robot/Alien costume! 

Jack Reed does Jack Sparrow!

Wilson's interpretation of Jack Sparrow.

Caroline, a Gator Cheerleader.  They are gonna need it this year Caroline!! 

Claire, the cutest pumpkin EVER!

Big Evan and his ladies....
The joy on his face is just TOOO MUCH!!!

BOWEN, AKA Spider Man on Roids.

Evan during craft time, going a tad glue-crazy.

Ellie, a butterfly princess!

Evan.  He likes frosting.  Just a little bit.

His birthday was the last time I go scratch.  He has never eaten a cupcake like he did today.  It will be Duncan Hines from here on out!

I have a small obsession with TUTUS.  I need a GIRL, A-SAP.

OMG, I can't stand it! 

Kaila, after an wardrobe change.  First a pirate princess, how a Halloween ballerina!

Austin and his Mama.  He was an MnM, but it's hard to tell from this picture.  Nonetheless, CUTE!
Evan's buddies, Kaila and Jack had a super fun Halloween shindig today.  Their Mama went all out!  There was a Halloween craft, lots of treats and we even went trick or treating.  It was such a creative idea.  All the Mamas went in a different room and closed the door, while Chris led the kids around and had them knock on all the doors, then we each individually gave out candy to all the kids.  So much fun, and maybe it will teach Evan what he has to do this year.  Last year, he didn't really understand the concept.  We can't wait for Halloween this time around, we are READY!

Green Meadows with the Campbell Family

This past weekend we ventured over to Green Meadows Farm. We went when Evan was 1, and we felt like he was  a little bit too young to enjoy it.  Last year, Drew was in the hospital almost the entire month of October and life was just too crazy going back and forth twice a day between the hospital and home to even think about going pumpkin picking!  But this year, this was going to be our year!  I thought for sure Evan would have a blast there!!  But I think I was wrong.  He tells me he had a great time, but it was one tantrum after another.  It was blazing hot and close to nap time, a combination that I should have known wouldn't work.  I thought his love for animals would help him overcome these barriers, but not so much.  I know he looks happy in these pictures, but trust me... there were lots of tears shed and time outs to be had.  Oh well.  Maybe next year?  I still had a great time with our friends, the Campbell's.  And Drew and baby Brock were troopers and super cute, as always.  I also need to learn the art of taking pictures with fields of pumpkins in the background.  Everything just turns dark and orange when I try.  At least this was the 4th pumpkin patch we have visited in the last week, perhaps the practice will eventually lead to perfection, or at least mediocrity?!

Tater Tots go to the Pumpkin Patch

Drew visited the pumpkin patch yesterday with his playgroup, the Tater Tots.  They also had a story time there and snacks!!!  It was a nice morning, just me and Drew, while Evan was busy at school!!

Ellie's 2nd Birthday Party

Evan and Drew had a blast at their buddy, Ellie's, 2nd Birthday party over the weekend.  It was at Max and Ollie's, a super fun place with bounce houses, trains, carousels and an arcade area.  Add a little pizza and cupcakes and it's pretty much all of Evan's favorite things wrapped into one!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Day in the City

The last day of our NY trip last week, Paul and I went to Manhattan, kid-free!!!  A big thank you to Aunt Karen for watching the boys, who both had the stomach flu at the time!  While she was doing LOTS and LOTS of laundry (sorry about that!), we were strolling through Times Square, Rockefeller's Center, Central Park, shopping on 5th avenue and eating on Restaurant Row!  It was the perfect ending to a perfect trip!

Big Boy Bed Time?

Perhaps it's time we get Evan a real big boy bed?  He has a toddler bed now.  But he is running out of room!  Not because he is growing by leaps and bounds, but more because of the amount of "stuff" that he now requires to sleep at night.  3 blankets, a pillow, about 12 different stuffed animals, atleast one book and sometimes a toy or two.  Let's just hope a double bed is sufficient!