Thursday, June 6, 2013


Murray is still growing like a week, 64 lbs and counting....9 months old. He is going through training right now to tame his wild ways. Let's hope it works! But he gets sweeter and cuter by the day!

Mother's Day Tea

I am just now getting around to downloading my pics from last month's Mother's day Tea at Evan's class. I have finally learned all of the kids and their Mom's names and now it's the end of the year! I absolutely LOVE his teachers. Just crossing my fingers that Drew gets to have these same ladies when he is in VPK too!!! They are awesome and I think have really helped Evan come out of his shell and blossom into the bright boy he is today. Remember when Evan was shy?  Now he's like the mayor. He walks through the halls of St. Lukes saying hi to everyone by name, he knows every kid and staff member that goes there, and they all know him too! 

I love this sleepy head of mine.