Saturday, October 27, 2012

My little Ron Weasly and Drew, the Alien Ninja!

Halloween Playdate

Yesterday my little Ron Weasley and my stubborn 3 year old who wouldn't dress up, enjoyed a playdate at the park. Complete with " bloody band-aid" crackers and cheese and Monster eyeball cookies, paired with adorable kids dressed in their costumes...what a fun way to spend a morning!  Everyone brought lots of yummy treats to share, and the hosts planned super fun games for the kids to play!!! 

Monday, October 15, 2012


Thank you to my amazing friends for showing me a SUPER fun night out for my bday. I may be old now, but we still know how to have a great time!  It started with dinner at Al Fresco which was YUMMY! This was followed by a classy wine bar, followed by a Biker Dive Bar!  Ha! It wouldn't  have been a complete night without Paula and I posing on a random's vehicle. Doing this in Winter Garden outside of a dive bar, is a little different then on a Lamborghini. We could have been shot!  Yikes! But sounded like a swell idea at the time!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

PopPops Pics

Here are a few pics that PopPop shared with me from the big Bday weekend. Quite an unflattering pic of me, but that's what you get when it's 100 degrees out at Camp Wilderness people. That's what you get.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Drew's Party...The peeps

Drew was able to invite four of his besties and thier families to his party.  So here are a few highlights. I didn't take many pics... but I did catch a few of the boys after a long day of hard work...wait, I think Meema and I did all the work.  But that's ok!  Happy Birthday sweet Dee! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The deets for D's Lego Party

I had to do two posts for D's Party. Here are the deets (details) for the partay. Ok, can't believe I just said partay. Anyway, this is just for other who enjoy a good party planning post. Which I totally do. But since I have like two readers of this blog, I will be brief. Let me just preface this by saying we only invited 4 of Drew's friends becasue I really didn't want a big shin dig. Partly because I didn't want everyone getting him presents because we have way too many toys already and partly because I was LAZY and my house can't handle more then about 4 families at a time. So anyway, we opted for a backyard BBQ this year and low key was the theme of the day. Yeah right, I have been planning since June! Decorations: That was easy, LEGOS LEGOS LEGOS. Food: build your own sliders (get it, build....blocks, legos, but instead we used beef! ) rainbow colored fruit skewers (anything primary colors went with the theme), tomatoe basil mozzarella stacks, salad (there was nothing I could think of, I just like salad) and shrip wontons, again just cuz they are yummy. Sweets: Marshmallo cake pop minifigure heads, lego sweet tarts, cupcakes and a giant lego cake, as well as old school paper dots. Favors: Lego books for the babes, and small lego sets for the bigger kids, as well as lego stickers and candies. Entertainment: For the adults it was simply alcoholic beverages and good conversation and company. For the kids it was a sprinkler and a bounce house, and color your own minifigures... I went old school and SIMPLE! Best part?  His amazing friends and family, we were thrilled to have Meema, Poppop and Ugbie in town!!!