Saturday, January 28, 2012

Paula's Bday!

Another night out you say?  It seems like I have a lot I know.  But really we just go out when it's someone's bday, they are having a baby, they are moving away, they had their baby, they are stressed and in need of a night away.... well, Ok... so we kind of like to think of an excuse to have a night to ourselves.  But I am crediting my sanity to this very thing!  And it goes towards meeting my New Years Resololution which is to ENJOY life a little more.  This is the first year ever I have actually kept my promise to myself.  Exercise, eat healthier, blah blah blah. I have actually gained some lbs lately, but I think I often do that when I am happy.  So best weight gain ever!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Over the Moon

I am so over the moon that Evan is so into posing for me these days. Almost makes me forget how camera shy Drew is....Almost.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Last night 6 of our couple friends, along with Paul and I, went to a local restaurant, Chef's Table.  It was excellent.  Not only was the food amazing, but it was a great experience over all.  The chef/owner, seen in the bottom picture, describes each menu item in great detail, himself before you order.  And he pairs each course with a glass of wine.  His passion for food is quite contagious and adds so much to the whole dinner.  The menu changes nightly, but last night I had THE BEST LAMB I have ever tasted.  Paul and his buddies joked it was a dollar per calorie, but so worth it.  We had the whole room to ourselves and were right near the kitchen. So every time I turned around, Chef Kevin was bringing us different kind of cheeses and these decicious meatball type things stuffed with mushroom risotto.  Mouth watering.  Oh yeah... And the company was out of this world!  The way the table was set up, we all were pretty much able to talk to one another. Especially when the food came out because everyone got so quiet, for obvious reasons!  LOVE LOVE LOVE my couple's nights out!  This New Years Eve I made some resolutions I can actually keep for once in my enjoy life more... and a big part of that is MORE date nights!

Friday, January 20, 2012

One pair of lips goes along way roun' here.


Drew was not having it today....

We are all getting ready for Valentine Day a bit earlier around here to help get rid of the post Christmas BLUES.....Check out my photography blog for some more fun photos!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas Morning...

Here are some pictures from Christmas morning.  Evan's favorites of the day.... his Millennium Falcon, Pirates of the Caribbean Legos, Batman Wii game, General Grievous Figurine, and Star Wars bath toys!  Drew's favorites...his plethora of books, his Lego table, his ball pit and his Minnie Mouse stuffed animal.  The day was a huge success!!!  We started the day with Mimosas...and ended it with Gruyere cheese fondue with veggies and bread, Seared Duck breast, scallops the size of my head... or maybe the palm of my hand but head sounded way bigger, because my head is rather large to begin with...King Crab Claws, Brussels sprouts, sauteed red chard, and crab stuffed mushrooms.  For dessert, we ate grey salted dark chocolate caramels from a candy shop in Seattle.  Divine I say. Divine. But the company was what made the day so special, and of course the priceless face of Evan when he saw that Santa had come and left lots of loot. Days like this, you really appreciate how good life is. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Tradition

See post below on what these pictures are for.  But man, are my pictures bad when Evan was 1. I could barely find one that didn't disgust me. I have a strong desire to go back and edit all of the pictures I took from 2007-2010, but I am kind of low in the extra time department, so they will have to do!

New Tradition

Here is a new tradition I am starting since I am so terrible at writing in my journal and scrapbooking...every year I am going to take one of my favorite pictures of the boys and document their favorite things!  Here are Drew's. I got the idea from pinterest, and I think it's brilliant. After they are 18, or probably before then, I will put all the pictures in a scrapbook for the boys and it will be a great reminder of their personalities through the years!