Thursday, January 31, 2013

My other SILLY valentine

My Silly Valentine....

Once again, believe it or not, Evan thought of all of these poses!  He is definitely his Mama's son!  Happy Valentine's day!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Xmas party with Friends

This is becoming an annual tradition, I think this is the 4th or 5th year we have done this, and it was SOOO much fun!  There are 6-7 of us Mamas and all our children, we have a Christmas themed playdate and the kids have a secret santa ornament exchange. Our hostess always has delicious treats and this year was no exception. But in addition to that this year, she had a Gingerbread lady come tell the story of the gingerbread cookie and she brought homemade ginger bread cookies for the kids to decorate. So much fun!  We were so glad to be able to share it with Meema for the second year in a row!

Christmas for the Starstrom Boyzzz

CHAOS... I love it.

These are the pics I find when Ugbie is taking the pics.... Huh?!

Our third Xmas with Melly!!!  Murray misses her!


No, he didn't get an Iphone. I gave him my old Iphone and put it in my new Iphone box, and told him it was an Ipod. It's ok to tell a fib if it's in good fun? If it saves you a buck? If it makes a 5 year old feel SUPER cool!!! 

And I made it look brand new with a Super Hero case!

We had a very Merry Christmas... I hope my boys felt as lucky as I do!!! 

Yup, she's that kinda Grandma.

Meema is great, not because she buys them cool presents like Harry Potter video games (that they are seen playing here) and Harry Potter Costumes...but she also takes the time to sit and learn about what they enjoy doing...i.e. playing wii Harry Potter! I appreciate that. Not all kids are lucky enough to have a Grandma that truly cares and spends quality time with them. And I am lucky to have a great Mom! Being a Mom doesn't end at age 18. Being a Mom is LIFE LONG.

Meet Murray F. Starstrom

Meet our newest addition, Murray F. Starstrom!  The name was Evan's idea, but it was perfect for many reasons. He sugguested it, because it sounded like Merry in Merry Christmas. Also, because we named Farley (the F in his name is in memory of Farley) after the comedian Chris Farley because her body was wide and her head was tiny. So it was only natural we name Murray after another comedian, BILL MURRAY! Paul, actually wanted to name Murray, Nole, after his Seminoles, but this was my dog!
I have never ever really truly been suprised in my life and let me tell you, I was completely suprised by this. Paul went to run his usual two days before Christmas, errands with Evan. He took along Kevin and Melly, which wasn't unusual. Kevin usually has last minute Xmas errands as well. While I thought they were shopping their little hearts away, they were actually waiting in line (they were number 86) at an animal shelter. They saved Murray from Save a Pet Shelter. They picked him because he was timid, and quiet, and no one seemed to be interested in him. Many of the dogs were out in large, more open gated areas with lots of other puppies. But he was off in the back by himself, without even a sign saying he was a 14 month old boy. When Paul asked the people who worked there about him, they didn't even know if he was a boy or girl. He was forgotten, and no one was going to adopt this cute boy, until Paul laid eyes on him. I have been saying I wanted a puppy now for about 18 months, since Farley passed away. It was never a good time. I was either still mourning her loss, starting a new job, the boys were too little, there just wasn't the time or money, etc. But every time I heard of a crisis or an animal in need, my ears always perked up. Paul always pretended not to hear my pleas to adopt a dog. Although, it seems he was listening all along. When they came home, Melly and Kevin came in the back door. I assumed Paul and Evan were hiding gifts in the garage. The doorbell rang, I thought it was on TV. Kevin said, I think the doorbell rang, I was like, Nah. He said, no I think it really did. Ok Ok, fine, so I got my lazy rear up and went to look and out laying on the lawn were my 2 boys with this beauty...and tears of joy began to flow. It was love at first sight!  My first question after, was he a rescue dog, was.... does he have issues?  I didn't want a normal dog?! That would be like adopting a rich, privelaged child with a trust fund. I want my dog needy, it's way more rewarding!!! And we have all been in puppy bliss ever since. I don't even mind the accidents, I could do without the fleas, worms and Giardea.... But hey, I asked for needy, right!!!