Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yee Haw

I was so pumped to see the boy's school pics this year.  Drew isn't crying. Period. So, SUCCESS, No?!!  Paul's first comment was yeehaw, gone country!!!  I thought they were cute spring shirts?  But now all I see is flannel looking country bumpkin shirts!  No really, I still love it. I am not one to obsess and pick apart a picture like that. Unless I took the pic, of course! And I am pretty sure Drew has never seen the sun before, his skin is almost translucent!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Update on the quest for getting out of the Chicken Nugget ZONE

Evan tried Edamame last night.  One tiny little soy bean.  He gagged so hard he threw up his whole dinner.  Which happened to be chicken nuggets.  Sigh.  The good news is, Corky likes partially digested chicken nuggets and ate it right up.  One soy bean. One.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Claire's Rainbow Party!

 Yesterday we went to Claire's Rainbow themed 2nd Birthday!  It was ADORABLE!  More pictures to come of that.  But here are a few pics of the boys and me.  It was the perfect time for a few snapshots of us because I finally washed my hair and wore something other then workout clothes for the first time in a week had paul there to take a picture of us!!!

Inverse Relationship

It's a fact people.  The bigger the kids get, the smaller and more expensive their toys get.  Check out these Squinkies and Lego people. RIDICULOUS!!  And if we lose just one, it's an all out freak out sesh.  I started a new thing though, because ain't no way I am gonna spend 10 bucks on 12 of those tiny little squinkies the size of my thumb nail.  Evan earns money when he tries a new food or gets all his badges on his chore chart for the week.  Now some people might say that's bribing your child to eat. I call it rewarding for branching out of the chicken nugget zone we have been in for 3 years now.  And then it gives him the opportunity to learn about money, the value of the dollar, and how to count it out to make a dollar.  And I am hoping he will have more respect for his toys and take care of them better????  Hoping is the key word there.  Anyway, it's worth a try.  In the last few days alone he has tried eggs, he licked bacon (that one didn't count), pineapple, blue berries, strawberries and a yogurt smoothie.  Hey, the only fruit he eats is typically are apples, bananas, cantaloupe and peaches... so I was thrilled. Of course his gag reflex was in full effect and the only thing he admitted to liking was eggs.  But it's a baby step!!!!  A tiny, minuscule, squinkie size baby step, but a step in the right direction nonetheless!!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Memory Lane

I love looking at old pictures of the boys. Here were my blog headers from March 2009 and 2010.  2011 is above on my blog now, haven't gotten around to taking this years pictures yet.  I know right, slacker...huh?!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day

This year for Valentine's Day, I took the cheap creative route and made a date night in for Paul. Let me preface this by saying I am not trying to be like...hey look at my fancy food that I made...I am so cool. I occasionally post a meal I make on facebook.  Not to be annoying which I am sure some people find annoying, but because I enjoy getting ideas for food for the internet and I love looking at pictures of food...AKA food porn.  I obviously don't post about the other 5 nights a week where we eat leftovers or lackluster food like sloppy joes!  That would just be weird! Hey everyone, I didn't cook for the 3rd night in a row and we are eating turkey sandwiches!  Nice.  Anyway, thought I would post about our evening simply just to share some ideas because I am always stealing everyone elses!

I started by giving him an itinerary the night before, it was in cursive, on thick cream paper wrapped in a red bow.

Itinerary for Paul Starstrom February 15th, 2012

Please make a note of the date. This will take place Wednesday due to a conflict with Valentine’s day and the hot Masseuse’s work schedule.

• 6:00 pm: Appetizers (Sea scallops wrapped in bacon) and wine, Live entertainment provided by D-roo And Funky E.

• 6:45 pm: Dinner is a Prixy Fixie (inside joke). You will be dining on Spinach Salad with blue cheese, pine nuts and tomatoes, Filet Mignon with sauteed mushrooms, butternut squash ravioli, fresh baked bread and Godiva Dark Chocolate Brownies.

• 7:30 pm: The entertainment is only booked until this time, so we will have to put the entertainment to bed at half past 7.

• 7:45 pm: Head to toe massage paired with red wine, relaxing aromatherapy from your smoking hot (maybe if I call myself hot enought, he will believe it and not notice the cellulite?) masseuse.

Not really appealing to the eye, but appealing to my tongue!  I went the non-healthy route. It's VALENTINE's day people!

The four legged Maitre D. That's a bow tie on her neck!  Yes, I am holding steak above her head to get her to look.

The entertainment, whom I paid in popsicles.


This year was our 3rd annual, actually 2nd annual if you are gonna get technical because you aren't supposed to count the first year....Super Bowl Party!!!  These pics are terrible and they are the only ones I got...but thought I would share big boy Drew eating at the big boy table with his BFF Kevin!  They are to cute.

Update on E V A N

Evan is FINALLY interested in writing, and on the verge (holding breath) of being interested in reading. It's funny.  When I was a kid, most everyone just learned how to read and write in Kindergarten.  Nowadays it seems kids are learning it by age 3.  What happened to letting a kid be a kid?  Over achieve much people?!  No really, I think kids are just smarter and smarter these days.  I don't want to be one of those people that always talks about "when I was a kid." Because let's face it, I want my kids to be smarter and more successful and more motivated then me when they grow up! So I think it's good to an extent that kids are more and more advanced.  It will hopefully be a good motivator for Evan to constantly grow and learn.  And you just can't let it effect your ego if they don't pick something up right away. Because I know my E is just as brilliant as the next little boy. He has a memory like an Elephant? I heard they have good memories?  When it comes to something he is interested in. And he is finally interested in things other than Star Wars and Super Heroes. Hooray!  Also of note, he has grown about 3 inches since Thanksgiving.  Last year he wore 2T pants. So this fall I automatically bought 3T when I realized those 2Ts weren't gonna cut it this winter, plus I needed them for Drew!  When the 3Ts arrived in the mail, they were about 2 inches too short. So I decided to save those for Drew for next year and order all new 4Ts. Those were great for about 2 months and now they are high waters. I measured him the other day and he went from 42 inches at Thanksgiving to 45 inches!  WTH!  So 5Ts it is! I guess the heavy cream Paul puts in his milk is paying off? He probably has coronary artery disease... but one thing at a time.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Evan... my little stylist.

I think I found Evan's calling. I picked him up this hat yesterday at Children's Place and I had pictured it with a white Oxford, untucked, with jeans. He suggested his black Star Wars shirt, and he said it would look good with the tatoos. Then he picked out this black blanket to lay on, and he proceeded to give me deep, sullen looks.  A little thoughtful rocker boy...he portrayed the part well, don't ya think?

Happy (almost) Valentines Day from D-Roo

I finally found a hat that Drew will keep on his head for more then 2 seconds!!!!  Yipee!!!  Maybe after the novelty wears off, the hat will come off.  But I took advantage and took a few shots yesterday.  Happy HEART Day.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Circus Day... Calling all silly, sad clowns and pitiful lions!

this picture creeps me out... not sure why.  but i understand why some people are afraid of clowns.

Last week was Circus day.  Finally my boys were feeling better from the previous week filled with antibiotics, bronchiolitis, fevers and even some vomitting in the meat deparment of Publix.  But even with health on their side, my boys were still a little sad.  Drew doesn't like to dress up.  And Evan used all his silly energy up in the pictures I took before leaving for school (all his posing ideas I might add).  Once we arrived at school, he was a sad little clown.  Anyway, love looking through the pictures and seeing all of the teachers holding my boys hands in attempt to cheer them up. Love that Little Fishes is so small and quaint.  It is quite literally where "everybody knows your name." I think I will miss that the most when we leave one day!