Saturday, November 2, 2013

A few recent shots of the boys since the big MOVE!

Missing his old school and embarrassed I made him take this picture when there were cute teenage girls looking at us.
  Drew's new preschool!

Evan's reaction to his new school... He loves it!!

The boy's new room, they really wanted to share a room. Boy do they sleep weird. A few times I have found them in the same bed. A single bed that is! Their new room is pretty awesome though. They have their own bathroom, a HUGE walk in closet with a laundry shoot (AKA place where they throw toys, which they find hilarious, I'm just waiting for Drew to try and fit down there with his huge melon head), and two window seats which look out onto the front yard.

  Getting used to the cold weather here!
 Our forest of a back yard!
 I make them wear hats if they leave the house...I am tick obsessed/terrified.

 Fun with Pop Pop while he came to help us get settled in.
 Punkin picking.

 Neighborhood Halloween bash.
 QT with my QT.

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