Friday, April 19, 2013

Pitiful, no?

These boys are pitiful when they are sick, huh?! I know I know, enough already about the boys being sick! As I said, we had a blast, despite being under the weather. And Evan can't wait to go back! The jury is still out with Drew.

Castaways at Castaway Cay

Drew was still on the mend while we were in Castaway Cay, and poor Evan was stuck in the room with Daddy, but we still managed to soak up some rays and fun splashing in the blue water and making sand castles. But boy as you can see, Drew started to fade fast towards the end of the day. Look at that lip!

Um yeah... we likes to eat.

Us Starstrom's like to eat. Disney cruise lines lucked out this time....We usually eat our weight in food and they lose money on us. We don't call it a success we all gain 5 lbs each. This time, not so much after day 2... But we sure did do our best the first two days!!!  And do you see the tray of food with 9 plated dishes?  I had to stay in the room during dinner to tend to the boys once they became sick, but Paul would go to dinner and then ask for his food "to go", so we could bypass the room service fee. But they would actually deliver it for him anyway, because he ordered so much food, fee free! Which was only fair, given the circumstances. Also, when the stateroom guy saw the condition of our room after the first night of our illness, they had a bottle of wine sent to me, and stuffed animals sent to the boys, which I thought was super thoughtful!!!! ANd much needed!

Cruising Buddies

We loved cruising with our Buddies, Evan and Claire, as well as many others....

Disney cruise....Boarding the ship

(In) Formal Night


Well we all started off the night in our formal wear, but Paul "lost" the tie, Drew lost his shoes, Evan's shirt became untucked, he lost his tie and put his crocs back on... I was the only one who kept all my clothes on people, and thank goodness for that, huh!

Meeting the Characters

Ok, so if you know Drew Drew, you know he LOVES him some Mickey Mouse. ANd he does not discriminate or conform to gender rules when it comes to loving all things Disney. He loves Daisy equally as much as Donald, and Minnie as much as Mickey. Unfortunately (due to his HORRIBLE GI ILLNESS) he was only able to meet Mickey and Minnie, but he did catch a glimpse of Goofy and Donald at one point. So this trip was mostly for my little Mickey Loving BOY! But, after suffering a stomach bug that kept him in his room for 2-3 days of our 5 day cruise, I asked him what his favorite part of his Disney Cruise was..... and he replied "Elmo." Either he was delerious from dehydration... or he had some major cabin fever mixed with some amnesia. But whenever he sees these pics, the memories come flooding back and he says, Oh Mom this was Awesome! I wish I had suffered some amnesia and forgot all that vomit that seems to be burned into my memory.... No really, we made the absolute best of the situation. And I actually feel closer to all three of my boys than ever before. I do however, feel like I need another vacation!

Disney Cruise....Arriving in STYLE!


Claire's Pirate Smile...Argh.

We went on our first Disney Cruise last week to Cozumel and Castaway Cay, on the Disney Wonder. We left out of Port Miami. We traveled with at least 5 other families... I lost count?! And one of the other Mom's is a party planner and her work paid for us to charter a bus to Miami...what a generous gift, no?! So we drove in style. There were TVs, a bathroom, and lots of other friends, so us adults went into relaxation mode quite early in the trip. What an awesome way to start the week!