Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Fairy Party!

Our friend Claire just turned three and we had a ball at her fairy party! She had Tinkerbell herself, a decorate your own bird houses-craft area, adorable decorations and yummy food! A gorgeous party for a beautiful young lady!  Drew felt honored to be one of the few boys allowed at the mostly girlie tutu party. Drew didn't mind because there was a super fun swing set and bounce house to play on while the girls played with Tinkerbell and did other girlie things! 


PhotoBooth PICS:

Popsicle Playdate

Only in Florida, are there popsicle playdates in the middle of winter. Soaking up all the final preschool activities, before my big boy gets ready for KINDERGARDEN. I am still in denial about that.


Another instagram....But love the sleeping baby pics. He's so precious. Especially when he's conked out, from a long day of playing at Meema's House.


And so do my girlfriends. HAD A BLAST at the Pink Concert. Damn, I am short?!

Instagram Much?

This is what happens when your 5 year old can use Instagram! Lottsa random, but equally awesome pics found on your phone! So many memories to cherish!

Playing in the Snow...

Yay! What a fun trip we had to NY to visit our cousins! It was CHILLY! With 12 inches of snow, and temps in the teens... the boys had a blast sledding. Granted it was for short stints of time, they could only handle the cold for 10 minute periods. But thank goodness for Uncle Mike. When Mom and Dad needed a break from the frigid temps, he and Allison were always ready for sledding duty. We had a blast, but it only makes us miss them even more!