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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hai Yah-

Evan started Karate last week and he LOVES it! It fits right in with the new Ninja obsession that has taken on a life of it's own lately. So here he is showing me some of his new moves.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Teddy Bear Picnic

The boys are now attending St. Lukes Child Development Center and we Evan and I are LOVING it!!!!  Drew says "no comment."  Last week they brought their teddies to school and had a teddy bear picnic. I am loving all of the things they are learning and the different techniques they use to teach them. He has learned more in this last week then he did all last year! Crazy. And I honestly don't think it was for lack of effort last year, on the teacher part. But the techniques they use are just spot on at this new school.

And this sums up our labor day weekend.....

Evan is almost 5, we hear about it just about every second of the day.

We also are obsessed with Ninjas. It's all about snakes, ninjas, and karate chopping.

Drew likes to pee. And he isn't very modest.

And most of all, we love to play with our buddies, the LOZIERS!!

happy LABOR day, Y'all!

Playing with DD

This is what playing with Drew looks like. This morning, Paul took Evan out of the house so I could clean. My side kick rarely leaves my side these days and has some fierce separation anxiety. In fact I even took him to the doctor to see if he was sick because of his odd behavior lately. Nope, he's fine. His doctor thinks he may have suffered something traumatic in the last 3 weeks, which the only thing we could come up with is that I left him a few weekends ago to attend my family reunion. Gasp. TRAUMATIC?!!  Geez, what did Daddy do to him while we were gone to traumatize him so?!  Also changing schools could have done it too. Sniff, sniff, insert mother's guilt here.  Anyway, he won't do anything without me, so here is where my story comes in. All morning he followed me around while I cleaned, "play with me mommy, play with me mommy" is all I heard ALL DAY.  Even his favorite show, Cailou, wouldn't appease my 3 foot Mama's Boy. So finally after I finished, we got to do whatever DD wanted to do. Which was play in his room, which we pretended was Disney world. Then we pretended we were fish, turtles, police men and construction workers. The police man pics are above. Yep, you got that right. He said putting a blanket on his head with safety goggles was a policeman, so I abliged and played along! Oh, to have the imagination of a 2 year old. Wouldn't that be fun!