Saturday, October 29, 2011


This year I totally failed when it came to getting a kick a-- pumpkin.  I usually have my Christmas tree up in November, my pumpkin in September and my Easter decorations out in March. I am a holiday lover and I love to enjoy them and savor them as long as I can. Which usually means I have a dead tree by Christmas (before we gave in and got a fakey) and a rotten pumpkin by Halloween, but so be it. This year I waited until today, the 29th, to get my pumpkin. Which meant all but one patch was already closed, and the one remaining patch had like 10 tiny pumpkins left.  Not only that, but my kids refused to pose with the pumpkins.  And pumpkin patch pics are my FAVE!!!  TOTAL FAIL.  But this week was most definitely a week of firsts. I had my first head shot photo shoot of an adult!  I was asked to be a guest blogger on a fitness website with Cardiac Tips of the week!  I attended a boot camp today, and my work out partener was my preist (WHAT?) and I followed that up with eating my weight in Nerds, Gobstoppers and brownies.  Oh wait, that last one wasn't a first for me, sadly. OK, off to carve a pint sized pumpkin. Pitiful pictures to follow, I am sure.

Halloween Party

Ok, so for all the people who thought Drew hated his Mickey costume and thought it was lame.....Take this! Drew LOVES being Mickey and these pictures prove it! Well, sort of!  We enjoyed attending my Mom's Group Halloween party on Friday...Friends, Food, Music, Cookie Decorating...Who wouldn't enjoy that!?

Fall Festival

Thursday, the boys and I ventured over to our buddy, Big Evan's, school for their Fall Festival.  A hay ride (where we were in the first picture, which I quite obviously took myself!), bounce houses, a pumpkin patch, and FOOD are the fall activities we enjoyed the most!  Halloween is my third favorite holiday behind Christmas and Thanksgiving, mostly because of all the candy and the fun outdoor activities like these!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I ain't gonna lie and say that these boys are best friends and they never fight.   BUT I will say they are playing together beautifully lately, and sharing better than ever!

Birthday Celebration

Just a few snap shots from a recent trip to Grandma's House!  We celebrated all of the September and October Birthday's in the family, so there were five in all!  And no that LARGE glass of red wine wasn't Drew's...Guilty...that was mine. In my defense, Uncle Jeff did the pouring and he's a tad heavy handed when it comes to pouring me wine!!!  We had such a nice time visiting with Aunt Gina, Uncle Jeff and Grandma and Grandpa and can't wait to do it again very soon!

Date Night

Mitch, I mean Paul (Whenever Paul grows a beard I call him Mitch because he simply doesn't look like a Paul any more) and I clean up Ok, huh?  Rarely do I wear anything other than jeans lately, so I had to document that I occasionally do get dolled up now and again.  Mitch had friends in from Charlotte that we haven't seen in over 6 years, so we went out on the town for drinks and dinner.  It was a great night!

Towheaded Two Year Old

I may have a case of some serious Mom Goggles....but is this kid cute or what?

Climbing Trees

I can't get enough of my sweet, thoughtful little four year old. He is in one of the most fun stages to date.  He's a total Daddy's boy right now, but that's Ok. I get him all to myself Monday through Friday, all day long, so I don't mind sharing him in the evenings and on the weekends.  He's turning into such a smart and caring little guy.  I'm SOOO lucky to be his Mama. I know I have said that before, but I really mean it.