Thursday, June 30, 2011

This is Drew's version of a hug. He lays his head on you and says..."Awe".

This sums up Evan's personality as of late. He is always talking, telling me a story, and loves to use his hands to add drama. 

C-DOG!!!!!  Could she be any sweeter? The answer is NO.
Ok.  So I guess since I gave some updates on D-roo I need to follow through on Evan. The only problem is, Drew changes by the day.  Evan, almost 4 years old, isn't changing as rapidly so I may be repeating myself.  No, he hasn't gained a pound since he was weighed at his 3 year appoinment last August, but has gotten about 4 inches taller!  He still would prefer to live off chocolate milk and popcorn....But will sometimes eat his apples, cantaloupe, bananas, peas, carrots, and celery. I still get excited when he eats anything new... even if it's a freaking corndog, how sad is that. SAD. After about 9 months of struggling with him pooping in his pull up at night, he has gone about 2 months with maybe only 2 accidents!!!!  His favorite past times are Gymborree class, kid-fit class at the YMCA, building forts, and playing chase with Drew.  He makes me laugh all day long. The boy just doesn't stop talking. He isn't shy any more in the slightest and enjoys riding in the car with the windows open. He waves and says hello to everyone and gets very offended when they don't return the favor.  He talks about his birthday pretty much every day, and he has decided on a Super Hero theme for his party.  He is still as stubborn and strong willed as they come. But he is equally as sweet. He tells me he loves me about 300 times a day and makes me feel like the luckiest Mom in the world.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!

Anyone that knows me....knows I love a good slide show. I make them for almost every occasion.  If I made one for my sweet Farley, when she passed away, I surely need to make one for my own husband's Birthday!  Happy Birthday Paul!  And YES I do cry watching my own slide shows...especially when I slip on in of Far-Far and Paul just days before her passing..BOOO.  Oh wait, this post is about Paul.  Happy Birthday DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And please close your eyes during the shots of me pregnant with Drew. I weight about 300 lbs.  But I have so few pictures of our whole family together I had to include them. And yes, State Farm is a paid sponser of this post.  Again, so few pictures of us all together, I had to include about 4 from when we met CARS at the State Farm Event at Disney!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I have been good about posting lots of pictures lately, but not so good about updating you on how the boys are doing.  And since I have tons of pictures of Drew to post... a Drew update is what you will get!!!

Drew is still as sweet and as charming as ever.  He hasn't grown in about 6 months, but he usually eats pretty good. He prefers a liquid diet of squeezable applesauce and fruit smoothies, but still loves brocolli and green beans and any type of fruit. He is talking up a storm. I can only understand about 10% of it, but he totally knows what he is saying and has very long, in depth converstations with me daily. His favorite thing to do is dance and listen to music, but he prefers Pandora over baby songs any day.  His favorite toys are his cars and trucks, and at any given moment he has about 6 of them in his hands at once. He is a hoarder.  A hoarder of food and toys.  If eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, he will take about 18 pieces and carry them around in his grubby little fists until they are unidentifiable. He still LOVES his blankie and calls it his BeBe.  He is a happy boy as long as he has his toys, blankie and his sippy cup of milk.  He loves his dog and his brother, beyond belief.  This boggles my mind since neither one really give him the time of day.  He isn't shy and waves to anyone and everyone who catches his eye.  He melts people's hearts where ever he goes. I sometimes wonder if it is just me who finds him adorable and irresistable, but I am reasurred daily by many how sweet he is.  He is a cuddler. HE IS A CUDDLER!!!  I love this and appreciate this, because Evan is NOT!  My sweet boy is still very low maintenance. We recently started at the YMCA, and the first day I was worried he would cry the whole time and I would have to go get him early, before my exercise class was over.  He did cry the whole time, the Mama's boy that he is, but he cries so softly that I don't think any one noticed he was crying!  Which I guess is good and bad.  Thankfully now he loves the YMCA.  Sometimes he just opens his mouth and nothing comes out, that's the only way I know he needs something or is upset.  My sweet sweet Drew.... he will be TWO in less than 3 months! I would be sad...but I'm so pumped it's party planning time... I don't have the time to fret!!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

These are the Last...Promise

 here are the last of our vacation pictures!  I really promise this time!!!  These are pictures my friend Kristy took and I think they are adorable!  I couldn't find a way to tie them all into one meaningful post, so they are a bit random.  But cute nonetheless!!!


It's Ok if Evan's eyes are closed, if I look half way decent...that's what matters!!!!

Here are some pictures that my friend Kristy took of me and my boys on our vacation last week!!!  I will treasure them for a long time to come because pictures of me and both boys are few and far between! 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bout Time

It's about time we had a family picture taken!  Other than than the one taken in front of Lightening Mcqueen a few weeks ago, it has been one year since our last family picture.  Thanks to my friend, Kristy, for taking these beautiful ones of us on the beach last week! There was this adorable old abandoned row boat on the beach too, that I think made for some cute shots of the little ones!!!