Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dying Easter Eggs with Allison

Dying Easter eggs always seems like a great photo op...and it is in theory.  But not so much in reality.  All I got was the top of Evan's head because he was too into it to look up.  And his skinny little pale body just doesn't photograph well, but there's no way I am gonna let him wear a shirt when there is dye involved.  So this is all I got. 

Easter Bunny Loot!!!

The Easter Bunny visited our home a day early so he could be sure to leave some treats for Allison, Ashley and Amber too!!!  I like the Easter Bunny, he is big on practical presents like books and back packs for little 20 month olds starting preschool in the Fall!!!  He also got Evan a fishing pole which he has been wanting for months now.  And board games to pull out of the closet when...oh I don't know... your house gets hit by lightening and you have no TV for a week or so!!!!  Evan couldn't care less about candy which is great, but totally boring come Easter time.  But Drew is a baby after my own heart and can totally pound some jelly beans like it's going out of style. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Time with Dad

Here are a couple of terrible pictures taken with my point shoot, but just have to share anyway.  Paul is an amazing Dad and the kids just loved every minute spent with him over his long weekend.  He is so patient with them, and he makes being a Dad look so effortless.  He's got two lucky little boys.


What the heck is going on in these pictures?  If you guessed the first three were pictures of Drew's crazy new DO (pre-hair cut).... Then you guessed right.  If you guessed the last two were pics of Daddy dressed in pirate attire from the waist up and in his boxer shorts from the waist down, while cutting Drew's hair for the first time ever while he is trying to eat breakfast and in his Mr. Incredibles costume.  Then YES, you guessed correctly!!!  I sometimes wonder if we are living a parallel life with someone on the other side of the world.  Another family of four.... who does the same things we do, and looks the same way we do.  Well, pretty much I am thinking the answer to that is a BIG NO.  Who else would spend Easter morning this way?  Only us people, ONLY US!!! RANDOM is our middle name. 

Dinner with Family

Pictures from our last dinner during our precious week spent with family..... sad to see them leave yesterday.  But will definitely treasure the memories we made last week!!!!  LOVE YOU POSPISIL FAMILY!!!! 

Lazzzzy River

These pictures of from the JW Marriot pool.  Yup, we are total rebels, breaking the rules, by going to pools intended for hotel guests...This one tried to check our IDs, but we were sneaky and still got in.  It was so worth it.  They had a beautiful lazy river.  But let me tell you one thing.  A lazy river is anything but lazy when you have two boys on your lap, that make you dodge all of the waterfalls for fear of their precious heads getting wet.  You can see the look of terror on my face in the one picture when I start to wonder how the heck we are all going to get out of the tube without someone drowning.  The other pool we went to was a bit more kid friendly because it had a zero-entry entrance, so the boys could touch...this one not so much.  So it twas a sight to see.  And anything but lazy....Plus Paul somehow got out of this fun adventure as he went golfing with Uncle Mike.  A few days with two little ones at pools....makes me need another Mojito and a vacation for sure!!

Going to the Castle

My pictures are in reverse order....Oh well.  Better reversed than not at all is what I always say....  Last week Evan and Daddy went to the Magic Kingdom with the cousins, or as Evan says they went to the castle!!!  I wish I could have gone too, but our passes were blacked out and it would be a shame to spend like $230 bucks for a day of fun when I can go next week for free.  But as I say below, Drew and I had some awesome QT with the whole clan gone at Disney.  It sure does look like they had fun though!!!