Monday, February 28, 2011

Life is MUCH More Fun When you CAN Walk!

It's crazy that Drew has only been walking for 2 months, I feel like he is a seasoned pro.  He is also starting to talk, his word repertoire includes:
E (Evan)
Night Night
Baba (Bottle)
Binky (his blankey)

Dandilions Gone to Seed, Yippee!

I found some of these weeds growing by the pond across the street and immediately envisioned a photograph of Evan blowing all the wispy, feathery leaves off and making a wish.  Then I remembered, he is lacking some major blowing skills.  He mostly just spits, no air actually comes out.  So I will have to save that picture for another time.  Until then, I got a picture of him holding some weeds?  Awesome!!!  He looks so innocent, No? 


Day One of Cold Turkey Bottle Withdrawal:
Still happy because he is certain Mommy will cave and give him back his precious bottle.  We've gone through this before, and she always caves after I refuse a sippy cup or two of milk and go about half a day without a wet diaper.  It's just a matter of time.

Day 2 of No Bottles:
Crap, she's serious this time.  And it's the weekend, so Daddy is here to help keep her strong....

So far we are on Day 3 of no more bottles.  The Doctor wants him off all bottles by 18 months.  I tried to do that with Evan and when I did, he gave up all milk for 9 months until I caved and gave him chocolate milk.  Drew definitely loves milk way more than Evan ever did.  So I was thinking he may be easier to transition.  I have tried several times before, but gave up quickly.  To be honest, I enjoy our quiet time together three times a day.  I love cuddling with him and giving him his bottle.  Sippy cups = Toddlerhood, no more baby.  But I can't hold him back for my needs any more!  I don't always follow the Doctor's protocol. I do my own research and use my own judgement.  But this is a battle I want to fight.  SO I am sticking with it.  So far, he usually gives in for the second feeding because he is so thirsty, but fights the morning and evening feeding with LOTS of spunk.  Hoping it will get easier, FAST, for both of our sakes. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Couch Potato

Hi, I am Drew.  I am so cute, my Mom can barely stand it!!!

Wanna see my new favorite pass-time?

I like to chill on the couch and act like a monkey.  I act like I don't know anyone is watching, but really, I love the attention and I am so proud of my new talent...CLIMBING!!! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

School Pictures 2011

You know you have to buy a cheesy Olan Mills-style picture of your kid, when they show it to you and you actually laugh out loud and smile from ear to ear when you first lay eyes on it.  I am sure they just immediately saw dollar signs when they saw my expression.  When I first saw Evan's school picture this year, I was overwhelmed with joy.  Just one short year ago, he was terrified of strangers and didn't want any part in taking a school picture.  This year, I could hear the giggles coming from him when I saw his natural grin.  I am so proud of him for coming out of his shell.  And for being such a joyful little boy (most of the time).   Just look at last year's portrait (below) compared to this years!!!  Of course the wanna-be photographer in me cringes at the greenish tint to his skin this year.  And his hair for that matter.  But, I digress.  I love these pictures, greenish red hair and all.  You really can't help but smile when you see his expression.  His smile is absolutely contagious!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby Blues

This top picture is straight out of the camera.  Usually I edit all of my pictures, or atleast the good ones.  But this top one came out so bright, I didn't have to.  Check out those eyes.  It's ridiculous how blue Evan's eyes are, especially when he wears a blue shirt.  LOVE my baby and his baby blues. 


Told you Drew looks cute in rompers.  Although, he pretty much can rock any outfit. 

The Hulk

Have you met The Hulk yet?  I always assumed he would be taller and bigger and more intimidating.  But not so much.  He's 32 lbs and about 3'3" and wears a smile from ear to ear.