Monday, January 31, 2011

Loving Florida

Pretty soon it will be 1000 degrees with 100% humidity.  So for now, we are taking advantage of this beautiful weather as much as we possibly can.  Playing a little ball, riding scooters, taking long walks, playing in the sandbox...the works.  And loving every minute of it.

Wus up?

Sulk Much?

Sulk Much?  No?  Too bad.  We do.  ALOT.

Teeth and Hair, or Lack There of.

Drew looks less than enthused here.  Poor guy is sprouting another tooth, but it's about time!!  He only has 4 teeth and he is 16 1/2 months old!!!  He is about as toothless as he is bald!!  And it may be imagination, but I think he also may be sprouting a few more hairs!!  Evan was about 13 months when he started to get hair, so it should be any day now?!  Speaking of baldness.... here is a conversation Evan and I had at Costco yesterday:
Evan:  "Why that boy (while pointing at a 50-something guy) has no hair Mommy? "
Me (whispering): "Shhhh Evan, we don't talk about the way people look, that's rude." 
Evan: "Mommy, I can't hear you.  Why are you talking so softly.  I SAID why that boy has no hair?"
Me:  Sigh.  As I think about all of the embarrasing moments that are soon to come, and remember how I absolutely hate moments such as these and I want to crawl in a hole and never emerge again.  "Let's go home Evan, shall we?"

Friday, January 28, 2011

Circus Day at Little Fishes

Ok.  Here's a theory of mine.  Kids are like dogs.  Wait, wait, wait, hear me out.  Kids, like dogs, are wild after baths.  You get em' out of the bathtub and they run around the house screaming in their birthday suits!  Seriously, my dogs do the exact same thing.  They run like they have been confined in a cage for the last 62 days.  And have you ever put a costume on a dog? Sadly I have a time or twelve.  They sit there and don't move, like there is a gun to their head and you are telling them, move an inch and I will blow your brains out.  Well, put a costume on a kid and they do the same thing.  They acted like they were sedated today in their circus outfits at school.  Evan was a "clown fish" by the way, totally circusy, No?  That or else, Mama didn't feel like shelling out $30 for a new costume only for it to be worn for 10 minutes and never be used again.  Don't judge.  The boy goes without NOTHING!!  Anyway, just wanted to share with you my theory on dogs and kids and their striking similarities, and of course the adorable Little Fishes Circus Day pictures.  Enjoy!

O' Charlie

Cute Pictures, Yucky Week.

Oh, if only times were always this good.  The boys looking, acting sweet, laughing and playing, posing for pictures!  We had a tough week filled with Meema having a car accident totalling her car, the boys fighting over toys, Paul traveling to Atlanta all week for work, the dogs getting in a dog fight with a nasty crazy dog down the street, my 16 month old computer crashing and HP telling me it would be $400 only for me to fix on my own for free 3 days later (OK that was a good thing, but otherwise it all SUCKED) and Evan acting as sassy as he ever has before.  I was beginning to think my Motherhood MOA was bribing, threatening, yelling and breaking down and crying during each nap every day.  But, I think we were all just in a funk and it is passing as quickly as it started.  I hate weeks like that because it feels like such a waste of time.  I feel like I cheated my kids out of a fun-filled week.  Oh well.  Initially I figured it was all because Paul was out of town.  But he travels and works late alot, so I am not sure that's what it was.  The only thing that is truly so much more difficult to do by myself is walk both crazy dogs, with two boys in tow.  It usually involves me holding two leashes, while pulling Drew in the wagon and walking next to Evan who is on his scooter going negative 2 miles an hours, while stopping to collect acorns every two inches.  Also, It takes alot of hand and eye coordination to pick up dog poop every 3 feet (I am pretty sure Corky has some form of the dog equivalent Irritable Bowel Syndrome cause the dog can POOP).  MKay, on to a new week, which looks much more promising and fun!!! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Drew at 16 Months

I don't usually do these kinds of posts, BUT since I have yet to start a baby book for Drew, I better document some stuff... or else it will be lost forever!!  And by the way, those pictures above.  Really Drew?  It's a PBJ.  How in the world do you get that messy from a PBJ?

Drew at 16 months:
Weight: 21 lbs  (don't know height and head circumference because we haven't been to the doctor in a month or so).
Size Clothes: PJ's and bottoms 12 months, Tops 18 months
Size Diaper: 4
Size Shoe: 4
Favorite Breakfast: Mini-quiches and Bagels with cream cheese
Favorite Lunch: Deli meat and cheese
Favorite Dinner: Quesidillas
Favorite Fruit: Bananas and Blueberries and will tolerate apples, raisins, and strawberries.  DISLIKES melon and cantaloupe.
Favorite Veggies: Green beans, sweet potatoes, zucchini, corn, carrots, and peas. 
Favorite Snack: Goldfish
Guilty Pleasure: Tater tots
Other Favorite meals: hot dogs, PBJ, anything with Cheese, grilled cheese, lasagna, spaghetti, grilled and breaded chicken, mac n cheese, just to name a few!!!
Bottles: Still takes 3 Eight ounce bottles a day and refuses to switch to a sippy cup. 
Favorite Book: sadly, any book any one will take the time to read to him!!!  But he really loves Tails and Peek-a-boo Books.
Favorite Songs:  again, sadly, any song anyone will sing to him, but preferably one that includes clapping.
Favorite toy or past time: Gymboree class, any truck, playing with the ride on toys in the garage. 
Most attached to: Mama and his blankee
Naps: Trying to give up his morning nap but sometimes he sleeps from 10-11, and usually (except for the last few days :( )  he sleeps from 2-4:30 in the afternoon. 
Nighttime: Sleeps from 7pm to 7:15am.
Words: Mama, Dada, Hi, Bye, Baba for bottle, and Eh for Evan...but not always does he say these words in the appropriate setting.  My guess is he will be a late talker.  The poor baby couldn't take a bottle more than an ounce at a time until 8 months and didn't take solids easily until 12 months.  His little mouth has always had weakness issues, so I am sure this will manifest in some speech difficulties as well.  But that's OK.  We will keep working on it!!!
Disposition: Still as happy as can be most of the time!!!

Title To Be Determined...

Mkay, so I have a few titles for this post. 
Title #1.  TGFP  Thank goodness for Photoshop, cause it looks like that will be my BFF for the next few months while Drew gets a little steadier on his feet.
Title #2.  It looks worse than it is???  That's what I keep telling I shrug my shoulders and raise my eyebrows.  Cause that's what I keep saying and doing!!!

Poor Drew, his legs are fast than his upper body.  He got running this past Saturday and ended up tripping up over his feet on the driveway.  Then when his body came crashing down, he tried to catch himself.  But those little twig arms couldn't catch that 95 percentile noggin and down it went.  To add insult to injury, he has a runny nose.  A scabbed up upper lip and a runny nose does not make for a happy boy, or a photo-ready little boy.  So again, TGFP! 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finger Paint is my Arch Nemesis. There I Said it.

Buying a bunch of finger paint always seems like an awesome idea while strolling down the art supply aisle of Target.  Then when your 3 year old asks to paint with it, while your 1 year old newly walking toddler waddles by grabbing anything within start to question your own sanity for purchasing, said finger paint.  At least Evan's still at the age where if it's out of sight, it's out of mind.  So, finger paint is hidden and Mom stays sane... well, as sane as I was to begin with.  I don't feel too bad limiting the fundamentally awesome, childhood pastime we call finger paint (but should be called something more like...Fast Track to Destroying Ones Home and Clothes Paint), because Evan finger paints in school at least twice a week.  Thank goodness for preschool.