Thursday, July 29, 2010

True or False?

Yeah, so I was folding and ironing clothes the other day when I looked over to see both boys cuddling and hugging in the laundry basket.  Luckily they embraced long enough for me to get a quick picture of the two of them.  Cough, cough, ahem.  That is about as true of a statement as, my son Evan, NEVER eats McDonald's Happy meals. 

Unfortunately many of my pictures are posed.  But cute nonetheless.  Actually the box on the head one isn't posed.  In fact, I try to have as little evidence as possible that my son eats such terrible food.  But the first pictures are most definitely posed.  The smiles however, are genuine. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sleepy Head

There's nothing like the look and smell of a baby who just woke up.  The smell is so sweet, even if he was a grungy mess when I put him down a few hours prior.  And his eyes look so sleepy for atleast a half hour when he wakes up.  He's cuddly and warm, can't get enough of it!  Just look at these sleepy eyed pictures, don't you agree?

Curve Balls

Evan, seriously, that's enough curve balls.  Please me give me something that I know something about.  Stop eating or something.  But this being afraid of the dark thing, climbing out of your crib in the middle of the night, tantrum throwing because you are so sleep deprived stuff is not my cup of tea.  Mkay?
Love you, Mom.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Drool Much?

Cutest Toots Around

Funny Boys

Sometimes I don't give Drew enough credit.  I assume he is just a baby, and doesn't know what is going on around him.  But this isn't the case any more.  He is a little person and he has his own little sense of humor.  According to Drew, anything that Evan does is funny, obviously!  But also, today we were at the pet store and I was showing Evan all of the little mice and gerbils and the like.  I didn't think Drew would be into it, so I basically gave all my attention to Evan.  Then I hear Drew start laughing hysterically.  I look over and he is captivated by the guinea pigs.  He is watching them run around their cage, chasing each other and this was enough to make him laugh so hard he had tears streaming down his face.  It was really adorable. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Plan B

Ok, apparently I thought I could make a rocket ship cake for Evan's birthday.  I know, it's not for 6 more weeks.  I am a "planner" people, let it go.  But what was I thinking?  Just because I slapped a few gumdrops on a couple green circle cakes for Evan's first birthday, does not make me a cake decorator. 

I am a person who is VERY detail oriented.  Paul would love it, if I could just call Publix and order a cake a few trays of food for a party, but I just can't do it.  I want things a certain way, and I want everything to be homemade.  To me, it is a way for me to show love.  Last year Evan's party was cancelled because I was in the hospital on bedrest.  Luckily our friend, who was a baker no less, offered to have a small party at her house for him and make him a firetruck cake!!!  This year, I was just itching to do something super cute and creative.  His party is going to be astronauts and aliens, so a rocket ship cake was the goal.  But darn if that isn't super hard.  Plan B is to try one more time.  Plan C is to make him a freaking moon cake, make a circle cake, put some divots in it and call it a day.  Plan D... call Publix?  Thank goodness my brother will be here to help me, he is really good at stuff like that.   In the mean time, this ugly thing is burned into my brain.  I am going to have nightmares about it tonight.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Smile Much?

Yo, Drew.  It's me, Mommy.  You catching flies or are you really that happy ALL the time?  I just love your toothless grin.

Post Playdate

Yikes!!!  This is what happens when you have 11 babies playing in one house!!!  It was so much fun though, totally worth it.  I have come to the point where I thrive on a bit of chaos.  I used to be all about order and structure, but decided it's way more fun to just let loose and not worry about a bit of a mess.  More pictures of the people at the Little Cuties playdate to come.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


He sure is cute.

And he is unique in every way.

He's a messy eater, unlike any little boy I have ever seen.

More food goes on his bib and around his mouth, than actually in his mouth.

One thing that isn't unique about this little man, is he isn't a big eater of solids and much prefers milk. This sounds all too familiar.

I have tried just about every food I can think of with him.

I wonder if he will be as bad of an eater as his big brother? I shudder to think. Hmmmm.

Or maybe it's cuz the view from where he sometimes eats is this:

The smell is enough to make me lose my appetite, that's for sure. Did someone leave a bag of Fritos open? No, that's just Corky.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I use the fact that I have two small boys as an excuse to NOT do things quite a bit. Work out, but I have no time? Keeping myself up with pedicures, manicures and eyebrow waxes like I used to, nope. Cooking dinner every night, ahem...not a chance. Another good example is flossing my teeth. Gross! You don't floss your teeth daily? Negative. Proof of that is I did it the other day and my gums throbbed in pain for 2 days. Clearly my personal hygiene is lacking. But can I use my kids as an excuse, that I cannot. If I have time to make things like silhouettes of them, then I surely have time to floss my teeth. It's called LAZINESS people. LAZINESS. But hey, I have two cool pictures of my boys to hang on my wall!!!

Embrace the Camera

Here is a picture my girlfriend sent me of Drew and me on the 4th of July with our friends Christina and baby Kevin!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Embrace the Camera

Ok, so my number ONE pet peeve is when people say they will do things and they don't! And since baby number two arrived last September, I am guilty of doing just that on occasion. I said back in May that I would post pictures of me and the boys more often, perhaps I even said once a week! Yikes! Here is one I took of Evan and me today. It's a terrible picture that makes my nostrils look big. But it's a picture of my and my boy, nonetheless, so it will be treasured. And no, I don't have grey hair. I was trying out a new editing technique to make it look antique-y, and it didn't go according to plan. But I was in a rush... so this is whatcha get.

Evan's Big Boy Room

Just for posterity's sake, here a few pictures of Evan's room. I thought about it, and I never did get any pictures of Evan's last room at our last house. And so I took a few pictures of his current room, just so I can show him his room as a little boy, when he grows up. I think it turned out pretty cute. It all started from a beautiful quilt that my Mom's friend made Evan. The boats and Evan's love for anything with wheels was my inspiration for his Boat/Train/Car/Airplane room.
I am pretty sure Evan is the modern day Peter Pan. Don't most little boys beg their Mama's for big boy beds? I thought Evan would do the same, especially after I offered it last week when he climbed out of his crib by himself for the first time during naps. But when I offer it, he just says "No Mommy, I want my baby bed. Maybe later." He has no interest in potty training and enjoys being carried around the house and even spoon fed at times. My little Peter Pan, doesn't want to grow up. No problem, I will take it.

D-Roo's Room

Drew (AKA D-Roo according to Paul) has Evan's hand me down furniture and bedding. I am sure one day, when Drew has an opinion, he will get to pick out all new things. But for now, I am taking advantage of the fact that he doesnt' care what the heck his room looks like and I am using everything from Evan's baby room. So for posterity's sake, I just took a few pictures of Drew's baby room.