Thursday, April 29, 2010

If Little Boys in Buckets Eating Lollipops Don't Interest You, Then Keep Moving

If little boys eating lollipops doesn't sound cute to you, then this is a post you may want to skip because there are A LOT of pictures here. I just couldn't pick and choose, I had to post them all!! Give me a little red head, a lollipop and a bucket and I can have an afternoon of fun!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Big Week for Drew Edward

It's a big week for you, Drew. You turned 7 months on Sunday and you are going to be Baptized next Sunday by Father Jim!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We Don't Get Out That Much.... Obviously.

After a couple's massage at the Ritz Carlton Spa, we soaked up some sun poolside and even caught a few Zzzzz's on some pool rafts. We then went to Roy's, a Hawaiian/Japanese fusion restaurant. Here we are, all dressed and finally some where to go!

Uh oh. Here we are back at the hotel after a drink or four... told you we don't get out that often.

Even less often do we stay at nice hotels with nice comfy white robes to pretend to do Karate in.

Let's try and take a picture of ourselves before Paul passes out.

This is how we roll. Champagne provided by the Ritz, but don't forget the coconut rum and mixer bought at the ABC liquor on the way to the hotel. Jealous much?

MMMMM, Chocolate covered strawberries make a great midnight snack!

Thank you to Nana and Pop Pop for watching the boys as we had our first night away since Evan was born, that didn't include a hospital stay for Drew or me!!! We had a blast. It was a much needed night away. But believe it or not, my boys were sorely missed and I couldn't wait to get back to them the very next day. They had a blast and didn't even know we were gone though!!!

Jack's 2nd Birthday Party

We have been to so many birthday parties lately, but unless Paul is with me to help with the boys, I get to take very little pictures. Luckily Jack's Birthday party was on a Saturday and Paul was able to come, so I got to take my camera out of the case for a minute or two to capture some of the kids smiles! Evan started out shy, as he usually does, even with his friends surrounding him. But after a few glances of the water slide, bounce house, the lake and sandy beach, the popcorn machine and finally a castle cake... he was shy no more. Nothing like sugar and bouncing to bring a boy out of his shell!!! I mean, just look at that boy's face when he is standing at the cake table. He couldn't contain his excitement. We had such a good time. Jack is one lucky little boy. He has so many family and friends that love him!! Happy Birthday Jack!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Letter to my boy

Dear Drew,
You make me want to be a better Mom. You make me want to be a better person. And for that I thank you.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

MMMM, Vita Tops

I am ALWAYS looking for new kinds of snacks for Evan, and even more so, healthy breakfast options. This boy is just not a breakfast kind of guy. It's my favorite meal, but I am lucky if I can get some dry cereal in his little skinny body. I found these little gems last week and have had a lot of luck with them (*knock on wood). They are called Vita tops. They are like the top of a muffin. They are frozen, and you just pop them in the microwave or toaster. They are packed with vitamins, and they have 6 g of fiber and 5 g of protein with 100 calories. And the best part is, they taste like a cookie. I eat them like dessert, but Evan is enjoying them for breakfast. I actually wish they had more calories for his sake, but for my sake it's definitely a guiltess treat!
Ok, enough infomercial.... but I just had to share for those other Moms out their with picky eaters!

Battle Wounds

Evan inherited my clumsiness, unfortunately. He has bumps and bruises all over his pale little body. Maybe a little summertime tan will cover up some of his battle wounds. Right now he just looks abused! Yesterday when I picked him up from school I had to sign an incident report, apparently Evan had another injury to add to the long list. Then I found out this one was deliberately self inflicted! He bit himself!? I am sure it's his way of getting out frustration. But still kind of pitiful nonetheless. He sometimes is a little too passive and the other kids take his toys. So he gets so upset and the only way he knows how to deal is to bite himself. Let's hope this is a quick stage!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How are we all really doing?

I am not a Keeping up with the Jones' kinda gal. And I certainly don't try and paint a picture like we have the perfect life over here in the Starstrom household. I will be the first to tell you that Paul and I bicker. That lately my house is only super clean when I am expecting company. That sometimes I give Evan McDonald's just so I don't have to fight with him at dinner. I only shower every other day... and that's if I am lucky. So I thought it would be fitting to tell you what we really have been up to lately, instead of just the usual cute pictures followed by some cute little quote of Evan's. No where near as fun without the pictures.... but I will post some of those later, I promise!

He's always good. You give him his Netflix, some cuddle time with Evan and Corky every night, a weekly trip to Costco and he is as happy as a clam.

He is really learning so much lately. He is a little sponge. Two months ago, he would tell you everything is green and we would count by saying 2, 3... 2, 3. But now that boy can tell you the entire alphabet and what sound each letter makes, every color, any shape you can think of, and he can count to 10 and sometimes 20 on a good day. He was barely putting two words together six months ago, and now he won't stop talking!!! As far as potty training goes, he thinks that's for the birds. He is just plain not interested so we aren't pushing the topic. He still hates to eat. If he could eat McDonald's, Papa Johns, Chick fil-a and Chipotle for every meal of the day... he would be one happy little man. He is drinking his milk however, so I am glad that battle is history. He still sleeps like a champ, so what more can a Mom ask for?

I will tell you what more a Mom can ask for, and that's a 7 month old who will sleep through the freaking night already! There I said it, I haven't slept in 7 months and Mama is tired! OK, no really I can't complain. Three months ago I about lost my mind. Drew cried the majority of his waking hours the first 5 1/2 months of his life. If he wasn't eating or sleeping, chances are he was crying. But for the last few weeks, he seems to be much happier. However, this little boy also doesn't like to eat! Or I shouldn't say doesn't like to eat, he has trouble eating. He has a weak suck reflex so he has to take breaks every ounce or so. He gets so frustrated because he wants more, but he is so tired. So the poor guy still has lots of meltdowns around feeding time, but otherwise, he is a pretty happy camper. Oh wait, forgot to mention he still doesn't like the car very much, so to and from Jacksonville he will usually cry about 70% of the time. But I can handle that after what we have been through with him. The other day, he actually fell asleep when he was tired in the swing. He NEVER does that. Up until now, if he was tired and wasn't in his bed, he would scream bloody murder until he was put to bed. But now ( I am jinxing myself by saying this) he falls asleep wherever he may be when he's tired. And I am ever so grateful. Unfortunately, he still thinks rolling over is pretty cool and likes to practice it all night long, so I have to go roll him over in bed at least 3 times a night, sometimes 6 because he wedges himself up against the side of the crib. That said, he is a joy to be around, lately. And I actually look forward to going to get him up in the morning. I couldn't always say that when I knew he would pretty much be crying all day long, as terrible as that sounds.

I am doing much better now that Drew is improving. I am looking forward to my first night away from Evan and Drew this weekend. We are getting a suite at the Ritz as well as a couples massage! Pop-pop and Nana are coming to watch the boys. This will be my first night away from Evan other then when I was in the hospital, and of course my first night away from Drew other then when he was in the hospital! I am looking forward to a night without baby monitors and baby flipping and baby feeding. Wish I could leave my pump at home too. But on that note, I have 200 bags of milk saved up for Drew, just need about 60 more and then I can quit pumping and he should have enough milk to last him until he is 1 year old! Amen for that. No really, despite all the ranting and raving, I really couldn't be happier (I could be saner, and less anxious at times, but not happier). I have three amazing boys that I get to share my life with and other then a little more sleep, I couldn't ask for more.

What Have I Been Up To Lately?

You mean besides playing with my munchkins, not sleeping, taking Drew to his many doctor appointments and his oral motor specialist, pumping, teaching Evan his ABCs, working, cleaning and cooking....wait, where was I going with this? Is this just an oppurtunity to get some credit for all the stuff every other stay at home Mom does on a daily basis? Hmmm, Maybe. Ok, back to the subject at hand. What have I been up to lately? Taking pictures of my friends babies of course! I love to get the practice and my friends like the pictures. At least I hope so? Who wouldn't like pictures of babies that are this adorable. See for yourself!!
Baby Brock at 12 days old. Sweetest little man with the most calm temperment. He is going to be a Ladies Man, I can already tell.

Baby Thomas's 5 month/ First Easter portraits. Could he be any cuter? I want to take a bite out of those cheeks!

Newborn pictures of Baby Claire. These pictures don't do her justice. She is stunningly beautiful. Perhaps I was a bit distracted during her photoshoot, with Drew screaming and 2 or 3 toddlers running around? Regardless, she is adorable.

And then there is Caroline's 1 year old portraits. Just look at her big blue eyes. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out. You can't take a bad picture of her.