Monday, March 30, 2009

Sea World

Here are a few pictures from last week when we went to Sea World. We have been going there alot lately with our season passes, and I plan on going again this week. Evan seems to enjoy it more and more each time!!!

More Birds Than I Can Count

When we went to Lake Eola this past weekend, I took a couple of shots of the MANY birds. I just love wildlife.

It's all About the Trains

We got Evan a Disney Train set a few months ago. I was trying to save it for his Second Birthday....but this weekend we had a rainy Saturday and I caved. Saying that Evan loves the train is an understatement. But I must say, it is a pretty cool train. It even puffs out smoke as it circles the track. Please enjoy the pictures of Evan and his train set.... And Daddy, the human tunnel.

Different Perspective

Check out these pictures we took today with a wide angle lens. Makes Evan's head look even bigger than the 90th percentile!!!


Playing at the park at Lake Eola on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Helping with Dinner

Often times when I am preparing dinner, I will give Evan random kitchen items to play with, just to get a minute to cook without him on my hip. See below for evidence...

Random Shots

Here are a few random shots of Evan playing on the dock in our neighborhood today.

Recreating a Pose: Take One

Today Grammy and I tried recreating a cute picture we took of Evan exactly one year ago. Didn't work so good. He is probably too big now to do it, or it could be the lack of food in his belly at the time, and the lack of sleep he was suffering from. But we will probably try again in the near future.

Monday, March 23, 2009

What Happens Roun' These Parts When You Leave Your Glass Unattended...

It becomes a vessel for rocks, sand, dirt, mulch and the like. Every time. You'd think I'd learn. Good thing I drink water most of the time, that could get expensive!!!

Ultimate Divas

We are dog-sitting our friends dogs while they are on their honeymoon this week. When you first meet Maggie and Dolce, you think.... Wow, this is gonna be a long week. They aren't quite house trained, they are yippy, and jump on you constantly. But after about a day, you can't imagine what you would do without them.... almost.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Animal Kingdom Lodge Minus the Animals

Today we ventured over to Animal Kingdom Lodge. It's an amazing resort near Disney's Animal Kingdom where you can sleep among the animals, well sort of. It's on 33 acres of land, most of which is fenced in and their animals are allowed to roam freely. Some of the rooms have balconies right over this area. Apparently, it's a great place to go at feeding time. But we were a little early. So we only saw a few zebras, bison, and birds. But supposedly there are giraffes and various other really cool animals. While we were there we toured the grounds. They have this amazing pool area, that you don't have to be a guest to swim in. Luckily we had our suits in tow, so we jumped in. The pool was heated and was the perfect temperature. Evan loved it because it was a gradual walk in pool. He went all the way to his chest by himself, and really enjoyed it!!! It was a great afternoon!!!