Friday, February 27, 2009

Dr. Phillips Park

Today we went to Dr. Phillips park with some friends. It was a gorgeous day today in the high 70's. Evan loved playing on the jungle gym, and he can now go down the slide by himself!!! We had fun with Reagan, along with his other friends who weren't photographed. Reagan and Evan are like two peas in a pod with their refusal to eat, and for their preference to always be on Mama's hip!!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Difficult Lighting

This week, my homework for photography class was to take pictures of anything dark, and anything against something white. These are common situations that can produce difficult lighting. Who knew? This is one reason why you can't take a good picture on Auto, because your camera perceives these colors as too much light or not enough, and adjusts the light incorrectly. OK, enough of a photography lesson, I am no pioneer woman (although, I wish I was sometimes, she's amazing!!!). My dark subject was, who else, Farley!!! And my other subject was a very cooperative Corky, against a white fence.

Was the Groundhog Wrong?

Sure looks as though spring is arriving, and bringing with it gorgeous flowers in full bloom. Atleast here in Florida!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I HEART Sea World II

Today we spent the morning at Sea World with my girlfriend Tara, and her very tall (only 5 weeks older than Evan) daughter Mackenzie (AKA Zie). We had a blast. We saw dolphins, sting rays, sea lions, sea turtles, penguins... just to name a few. Evan LOVED the carousel, and that is beginning to be his favorite thing to do these days. He missed his morning nap, so as the morning went on, he got sleepier and sleepier. On the way out, he actually fell asleep in his stroller. I had to document the occasion, because it is a first. I trained him to need a black out shade, and white noise, so he doesn't usually think of a stroller as a place of rest.

Evan: So you got 8 lbs and 4 inches on me.... I can throw a mean tantrum... just wait.
Mama: I told you to sit still yesterday when I was trimming your mullet. Oh well, it will grow out eventually.

Evan: Yeah, the dolphins are cool. But my thumb is pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Zie: I got everyone wrapped around my little finger.

Sea Lion: I am starving, clearly...just wasting a way.... so throw me a fish will ya?

Sea Lion: That bird needs to keep moving, he ain't gonna get any fish while I am sitting here. Man that's a tasty fish.

Evan: Ahhh, finally... the carousel.

Carousel Operator: Okay lady, stop taking so many pictures and hold onto your son.

Mama: Hmmmm, wish I wasn't too lazy to of edited these pictures. Not lookin so cute today.

Evan: I think I am having fun.... I am. Wait, Am I?

Evan: Hey Zie... How ya doin back there?

Evan: Is she looking at me? Is she checking me out?

Zie: I look good. Damn good.

Zie: I think I got sand in my diaper.

Mama: Wow, these tea cups are small. I guess my brother was right. Sunchips aren't a healthy alternative to chips. I think I am stuck.

Evan: Now that Daddy isn't here, with his fear of "tea cups" that he calls "motion sickness".... How do you get this thing to go faster?

Mama: I am gonna treasure this picture, because it may never happen again. Sleeping in the stroller that is.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Showering a Friend

Here are some pictures from a baby shower for my girlfriend Jennifer. We are eagerly awaiting the birth of little Caroline in April of 2009.